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3D Communications and SolemEU Announce a Joint Venture, Expanding Market Access and Value Communications Services in Europe

New Approach to Communicating Value of Drugs and Devices

3D Communications and SolemEU have entered into a joint venture to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies develop and successfully communicate their value proposition to key stakeholders – including payers, physicians, patients and policymakers.

The joint venture expands 3D’s Market Access and Value Communications services throughout Europe, leveraging SolemEU’s network of senior executives experienced in developing and executing pricing, reimbursement, and market access strategies.

“The strategic alliance with SolemEU comes at a critical time for the pharmaceutical and device industries, as the prices of products are increasingly under fire,” said 3D Communications’ founding partner Cindy DiBiasi. “We believe the old way of justifying the price of a drug or device and communicating its value is obsolete. The current environment demands strong communication. We have developed a new approach to ensure a product’s value proposition is based in both economic reality and what stakeholders perceive as valuable.”

The process moves beyond traditional market access approaches. It utilizes a three-dimensional method that assesses how the complex stakeholder environment, local market realities, and the evolution of treatment interact, and ultimately influence, a product’s value proposition.

3D Communications and SolemEU’s Market Access and Value Communications service is built on experience and insights gained from 20 years of working with both small and large healthcare companies, associations and stakeholder groups around the world.

“By combining 3D’s expertise in strategy and effective communications, with SolemEU’s experience in health economics and market access strategies throughout Europe, we will be able to provide clients with a more practical, thoughtful approach to an evolving and challenging global marketplace,” said SolemEU principal Peter Zaudtke.

3D Communications is a strategic communications firm, offering a comprehensive and integrated approach to defining, supporting, and justifying value supported by effective communications. Our integrated suite of communications services ensures message consistency across all levels of an organization and throughout all stages of product development.

SolemEU is an international market entry advisory firm offering strategy development, data generation, stakeholder testing and preparations in Europe for HTA interactions and dossier submission – leading to a credible Value Story and high-value reimbursement.

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The Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS) Published a Positive Review of 3D Communications’ Book: 'The FDA Clinical Submission Survival Manual'

Meredith Brown-Tuttle, RAC, chair of the RAPS Publication Task Force, recently reviewed 3D Communications FDA Clinical Submission Survival Manual.

In her review, Ms. Brown-Tuttle notes that, “The quality of a regulatory professional’s communication skills can make or break a company. The FDA Clinical Submission Survival Manual contains useful tips and processes to improve FDA communication. It contains specifics on how to plan, develop and test strategy and key messages for a marketing application, with a focus on clinical data.”

“The book could be a good primer for those interested in moving up the ‘ladder,’ especially for those wanting to understand the marketing application planning process and accompanying pitfalls. It also will be useful for those at a senior level who have been through the NDA process, but would appreciate external validation or support for implementing new processes.”

For the full review visit the RAPS site here.

To purchase the book, visit the 3D Bookstore or purchase via the RAPS web site.


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3D Communications Expands Executive Communications Programs and Training, Opens Boston Office

3D Communications announced today that it has opened an office in Boston, Massachusetts and significantly expanded its executive communications training programs to help companies communicate more effectively in increasingly complex and contentious environments. The expansion of communications services, and the opening of the Boston office, will allow 3D to better serve clients in New England and globally. 3D’s Executive Communications Programs and Training will now include: Leadership Communications Coaching, Change Management Communications, and Crisis Communications. These will be in addition to 3D’s current offerings of Messaging, Media Training, and Speaker Training services. To lead the Boston office, 3D has recruited Executive Communications Consultant and Former 60 Minutes Producer Lee Zeidman to join the team.

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Bridging the Gap Between Value and Affordability

Drug Discovery and Development featured an article by Jane Horvath, 3D Communications Market Access Lead, on Bridging the Gap Between Value and Affordability.

“Innovators need a clearer view of the innovations that are important to key therapeutic stakeholders, such as helping providers meet their performance metrics or improving patient quality of life. They need that knowledge well before product launch.  And they need to bring to market innovations that reflect and integrate those views.”


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Pfizer Would Explore Where No Other Firm Has Gone Before With Lipitor Switch

Jim DiBiasi, co-founder of 3D Communications, says consumers should be trusted to access information other than what is printed on product labels before deciding whether to use OTC drugs indicated for conditions that so far are not targeted in the nonprescription space.

“If a supplemental label is needed, add it. The bottom line is that FDA should be less restrictive in the Rx-to-OTC switch approval process,” DiBiasi said in an email.

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