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A first-time CEO had kept a low profile since taking over a small-cap Bio-Tech. With little known about the industry, this easy going, affable chemist was an intuitive leader who had quickly earned the trust and respect of his employees and Board of Directors. But, living under the scrutiny of running a publicly held company was a new experience. He was unaccustomed to presenting at major industry conferences and conducting interviews, especially interviews with TV news. All that was about to change. The Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference would serve as his debut to the pharma industry at large. Suddenly, it dawned on him that if he were to fail on this big stage, he would risk far more than personal prestige – his company’s credibility and financial future could also be at stake.


Shortly before the J.P. Morgan Conference, 3D Communications was called upon help the CEO get ready for prime time. In a matter of days, 3D put together an intensive Chief Executive Communications Camp. The program followed two parallel paths content, and performance. It was designed to help the CEO master the content investors and analysts needed to know about his company and how to deliver that content in his “authentic” voice. First, 3D helped the CEO to identify his core personal values and make those values the foundation for everything he had to say. Upon that foundation, they crafted, clarified, and honed genuinely authentic messages designed to enlighten analysts and investors, inspire customers and shareholders, and attract the attention of news media. Learning how to use his “authentic” voice, the CEO’s confidence soared. In short order, the CEO mastered both his content and the intricacies of public performance, and successfully assumed his role as the face of his public company.


The CEO delivered a series of impressive performances at J.P. Morgan. He wowed investors at a podium presentation; shined in a “Fireside Chat” with a well-respected industry mogul; made appearances on all the cable networks in attendance; and scored interviews with The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.


Conference attendees voted the CEO one of the event’s top two influencers. His charismatic communications style not only captured the interest of news media and investors, but he also made a striking impact upon the company’s market cap which jumped 20% in the days following the conference.

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