Launch and Value Communications Services

How do you break through the noise and disrupt the marketplace to position your product for success?

Partner with 3D to create the right story to differentiate your product.

We help transform the way you communicate.

Our communications experts work with you to turn your important information into clear, credible, and persuasive messages – while coaching your team to deliver with confidence.

How do you keep your launch communications on the right trajectory?

Work with 3D to create a launch story that is persuasive, consistent, and easy to deliver.

We help you speak in one voice – right from the start – and achieve launch success.

Our communications specialists can help your team turn complex science into persuasive communications — and coach them to confidently deliver to increasingly diverse and demanding audiences.
“With 3D, I have my dream partner. They work with our most important stakeholders all over the world, on highly complex communications issues, and they get it right every time. They are the absolute best at what they do!”
Jit Saini, Senior VP, Head Medical Affairs EMEA, 
Merck KGaA

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Can your Value Story withstand the scrutiny of your harshest critics?

Partner with 3D to prepare your team for your toughest stakeholder

conversations and payer negotiations.

We help you build the right Value Story.

Our team helps you ask the right questions – so we can create and test credible messages that reach consensus across stakeholder groups.

“3D is an extremely effective communications firm, and an excellent partner. They do their homework, come with good ideas in both content and delivery on complex issues, and help us articulate our messages in a meaningful way.”
George Scangos, Former CEO, Biogen Idec

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Launch and Value Communications Services at Your Fingertips