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Jim DiBiasi

“When it comes to regulatory interactions, clear communication is key to success. It’s a privilege to hand clients their keys – and watch them open the door to success.”

Jim has provided strategic and tactical communications counseling and coaching to top executives, scientists, and doctors in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. With experience guiding more than 100 companies through high-stakes regulatory interactions, Jim is known for his ability to lead diverse teams and help them achieve their goals at decisive communications opportunities.


Jim’s unique approach focuses on both the individual client and the client’s audience. He coaches clients on the need to get into the audience’s head to effectively communicate, so speakers can use audience insights to inform how they develop and deliver clear, engaging, and impactful messages. He also uses 3D Communications’ proprietary process, practical tools, and purpose-built technology to help clients analyze their audience and prepare for challenging communications in more effective ways. Jim is dedicated to bringing out the best in each client – addressing challenges, seizing opportunities, and maximizing their unique talents and skills in every communication.


Jim has always been an entrepreneur who enjoys solving complex problems with creative solutions. With a strong background in business, finance, and accounting, he began his career with Ernst & Young in Philadelphia. He became a CPA, and initially was focused on finance in the independent energy sector, where he was involved in more than a billion dollars in non-recourse debt financing. Moving beyond finance and into operations and communications, he has been responsible for marketing, public relations, contract management, and legislative lobbying – and served as a media spokesperson for a Fortune 500 company. Before 3D, Jim owned a company that developed, financed, oversaw construction, and operated independently owned power plants. He earned an undergraduate degree in accounting from Villanova University.

Special interests

Jim has many philanthropic interests and is passionate about adolescent education. He has been a trustee for two school boards, helping guide the institutions through expansion, restructuring, and refinancing. He currently serves as a board member and secretary of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in the Unites States, a global framework for nonformal education that challenges young people to dream big, celebrate their achievements, and find their purpose, passion, and place in the world. Jim is also a board member of 3D’s nonprofit Get Stuff Done 4 Kids. He is a wine enthusiast and collector who also enjoys cooking, sports, traveling, and spending time with his family.