Lee Zeidman

"I’ve learned that real communication is an emotional experience. You need to make a genuine connection with your audience. The vast majority of business speakers get all the words right but fail to connect. It’s not just what you say, but how you feel about what you say."

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Lee is a respected strategic and crisis communications expert with a specialty in coaching C-suite executives. He’s recognized for helping leaders at some of the largest global businesses in healthcare, high-tech, financial services, communications, energy, and retail communicate authentically, and effectively manage their messages under the most adversarial situations.


Lee believes the difference between “good” and “great” communicators is authenticity. Getting to great requires a mastery of your content. Once you stop thinking about what to say, you can connect emotionally to your words and your audience. The result is authenticity, which makes what you say memorable, inspirational, and persuasive. He teaches clients how to make the jump from “good” to “great.”


Lee’s advice is rooted in a long career as a consultant, coach, and veteran broadcast journalist. He was a member of the team that launched CNN and was an award-winning primetime producer for CBS News programs, including 60 Minutes, where he worked with legendary reporters. He knows what reporters, producers, and editors look for in a story, and teaches tricks of the trade that enable clients to turn every interview – and every presentation – into an opportunity to maximize their message.

Special Interests

Actively involved in a variety of community organizations, Lee is a member of the University of Maryland President’s Advisory Council and Maryland Lacrosse Alumni Advisory Board. He is especially proud of his work as a member of the National Pancreas Foundation Board of Directors.

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