Cindy DiBiasi on CEOs Speak Podcast

Cindy DiBiasi sat down with Charlie Katz from BitBean for his podcast ‘CEOs Speak’ to discuss the origin, culture, and work ethic at 3D.

“The vision for us was very [clear]…we saw the need to really help people communicate the amazing work they were doing so it would affect and improve people’s lives – that was a clear north star for us.”

“Where we really shine is the more difficult your message or the more complex your message, the better it is for us, the higher value for us to really help you deliver it to whatever level of audience you need to. We’re very good at taking complex information and making it simple and persuasive – that’s our sweet spot.”

“The client – they are the technical experts…so our job is to pull it out of them, to translate it and ask them the questions…knowing how to ask the question, get the information and turn it into language that is compelling, that is our specialty.”

This podcast was originally featured online at on September 7, 2020.

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