Dazzling the Lifeless Lens, or How to Give the Best Speech of Your Life, Virtually

This article provides insights on overcoming the virtual public speaking barrier and tips on how to deliver a captivating speech across the lens.

“Everything you relied on in the past is just that – the past. This time, you won’t see the audience, feel their energy, or hear their applause. . .You are going to have to shatter the (virtual) barriers between you and the audience, reach through the camera, grab their attention and keep it.”

Click here to read more: https://ceoworld.biz/2020/06/30/dazzling-the-lifeless-lens-or-how-to-give-the-best-speech-of-your-life-virtually/

This article was originally featured online at CEOWorld Magazine on June 30, 2020.

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