How To Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity – And Change The Way A Company Communicates


When a “can’t miss” billion-dollar product launch goes nowhere fast, a Fortune 150 company finds its share price sinking, its leadership under attack, and its reputation taking a beating. The problem was in large part the symptom of a larger communications problem that had to be changed so that it didn’t happen again. The company turned to 3D for a solution.


3D convinced leadership that their issue stemmed from siloed, splintered, and ineffective communications, and that the solution was to proactively—and quickly—communicate a powerful and aligned message to both their internal team and external critics. We then took leadership through a process to help them align on a clear goal, and created a comprehensive communications strategy designed to break down those silos and ensure unified messaging. Once the strategy was clear and aligned, 3D worked with executives to reshape the company’s topline story and prepare for difficult questions. We integrated the spirit of the company’s mission and value statements into a dynamic new corporate narrative and coached the executives to articulate it internally and externally. 


The executives were able to mitigate the damage from the immediate crisis. As importantly, they were able to demonstrate transparency and portray the company as one with a plan to turn itself around.


Company leadership quickly came to understand that effective communication is fundamental to business success. They transformed their internal processes to ensure that clear and aligned communications are core values. Nearly five years after the initial crisis, 3D’s messaging and coaching programs have become part of the company’s communications culture.

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