Amanda Blackburn

"My passion for graphic design allows me to create a connection from information to understanding. I use my unique combined skillset of project management and design to help clients organize their projects and better illustrate and communicate their data and messages.”

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Amanda is an experienced graphic designer and project manager. Celebrated for her dual expertise in visual communication and strategic thinking, she uses her design background to help 3D Communications’ clients create effective visuals to portray their data and key messages, and helps clients facilitate planning and logistics.


Amanda’s approach is rooted in her ability to think from a creative and analytical perspective. She uses her expertise in graphic design to ensure that all forms of content are clear and engaging. As a project manager, she works with clients to understand their communication and business goals, translate their data and information into quality meeting materials, and manage meeting logistics – ensuring pharmaceutical and medical device sponsors are prepared for FDA Advisory Committee meetings.


With a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Amanda brings visual storytelling to life across a range of channels – from high-stakes regulatory meetings to digital communications. Prior to joining 3D, she was a senior graphic designer responsible for marketing and business development communications for senior executives at a major commercial real estate firm in Raleigh.

Special Interests

Amanda supports the V Foundation and other local charities. In her spare time, she enjoys attending concerts, playing water sports, traveling, creating illustrations, and working on the craft of calligraphy.

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