Bernd Sturm

"Many of my clients have important information to communicate, but struggle to get across their essential message in a succinct and persuasive way. I am passionate about working with them on the art of saying more with less."

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Bernd believes that speakers are most successful when they look at every communications opportunity from a very simple – yet powerful – vantage point: “What’s in it for their audience?”

From that starting point, Bernd helps clients get on the same wavelength as their audiences – giving them effective ideas and practical tools so they can better communicate, persuade, and make a long-lasting impact.


Bernd brings his expertise as a business coach for multinational organizations, and experience in human resources management and Personnel Development to his communications consulting work. Certified in SCIL Communication Diagnostic Training, Bernd analyzes the communications style of each executive and uses those insights to help them connect with their audience and optimize the way they communicate.


Before becoming a communications consultant, Bernd held executive positions in human resources for several European and international companies. A native German speaker, Bernd coaches in both German and English. He is a professional member of the German Speakers Association (GSA). Bernd graduated from Cologne University and attended business school at Pennsylvania State University in the United States.

Special Interests

Bernd supports employees in charitable and nonprofit organizations in developing their motivation and personal strengths to cope with difficult working conditions. With his family, he enjoys traveling and exploring other countries within and outside Europe. As a Cologne native with a personal affinity to his hometown, Bernd enjoys the local carnival and supports his football club in good times – and in bad.

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