Brandon Lyons

"I have a deep respect and appreciation for how effective communication can propel ideas and people forward to make a positive impact on society.”

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Brandon leverages a unique skill set that includes a sharp eye for detail and organization, a mastery of visual storytelling, and a can-do attitude that motivates teams and brings them together. 


Brandon draws on his experience as a paralegal and an academic research assistant to manage complex projects and effectively lead multidisciplinary teams. He leverages his expertise in translating complicated technical information into clear and credible communications and working collaboratively with teams toward a common goal. Along with his visual storytelling experience, Brandon has extensive academic research skills. 


Before coming to 3D, Brandon worked as a paralegal for a boutique New Jersey law firm where he advised clients on zoning and land use issues, and prepared and negotiated contracts for real estate transactions. He was also an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the University of Connecticut, where he worked on the design and implementation of research studies, protocols, data analysis plans, and statistical analyses. Brandon conducted literature reviews and edited manuscripts for academic journal submissions. He successfully received board approval for several academic study proposals from Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). Brandon holds a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Connecticut.

Special Interests

Brandon is an avid distance swimmer with a passion for exploring diverse cultures and traditions. Driven by his love for technology, storytelling, and community engagement, he seeks to create a positive social impact by harnessing innovation and narrative in unique ways.

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