Catherine Hueston, PhD

“The path from data to a compelling presentation is different for every client. I love using both my scientific expertise and my communication experience to help them get there.”

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Catherine combines her research background in neuroscience and understanding of how the brain processes information, with her teaching experience to post-doc science students, to help clients prepare clear and meaningful presentations to FDA and EMA – and answer their most challenging questions.


Catherine goes beyond just understanding a client’s data – to focus on why the data are meaningful. She then transforms it into a clear and logical narrative. Catherine’s understanding of the principles of good aural and visual communication helps her create credible and memorable messages, support them with data, and develop a compelling presentation. 


Catherine began her career as a neuroscientist, performing experiments to better understand how connections are made between parts of the developing brain. Realizing she preferred explaining science to doing it, she transitioned to teaching graduate students and postdocs at Johns Hopkins Medicine to communicate their research clearly and effectively. After further honing her communication skills as Associate Director of the Wharton Communications Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Returning to her science background, she spent a brief stint supporting the Specialty R&D Clinical Pharmacology team at Teva Pharmaceuticals. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Neurobiology from Duke University. 

Special Interests

Catherine volunteers at MANNA Philadelphia and the COMPASS Center of Chapel Hill. She loves to travel, play the cello and piano, play board games, and bake.

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