George W. Banks Tollens

"The right communication strategy involves using technology to maximize the meaning of data and information – and this is what I am proud to deliver for 3D clients."

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George is an experienced production specialist on 3D Communications’ technology team. He is known for being solutions oriented and delivering under pressure for clients.


George is a strategic thinker who uses technology to optimize the way clients communicate and engage. He designed 3D BioFeedbackTM, a proprietary rating and voting application that delivers real-time, objective audience feedback to presenters on their messages and slides. In addition to operating 3D BioFeedbackTM for clients on-site, sets up and manages audio and visual recording for clients at 3D FDA mock meetings and FDA Advisory Committee meetings, working closely with the 3D team to integrate technology to help clients deliver data and information effectively and confidently.


Previously, George worked with CISYS LifeSciences, designing and building FDA Advisory Committee meeting applications. He holds an associate degree in computer science.

Special Interests

George volunteers with the University of North Carolina Athletic Department. He is an avid supporter of San Diego Oceans Foundation and 4D Ocean. In his spare time, he enjoys being in the ocean, fishing, biking, gardening, and traveling.

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