Jim Kelley

"I’ve asked myself ‘How did they do that?’ for the past 40 years – and it’s what drives me to constantly seek new ways to use applied technology and productions to better serve our clients."

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Jim is a founding partner of 3D Productions and leads the production and technology arm of 3D Communications. With more than 25 years of experience in FDA-regulated areas of commercial operation, clinical development, and communication, he is recognized as a technology thought leader in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.


Jim’s approach to leadership and innovation is rooted in “why.” He strives to help clients understand and believe that the “why” is worth achieving – and then uses his strategic, tactical, and technical expertise to help clients discover “how” to make it happen. He works closely with clients and stakeholders to understand how technology can improve their experience – and is constantly looking for innovative ways to help clients flawlessly plan and execute in highly regulated environments.


Prior to partnering with 3D, Jim spent 10 years with Burroughs Wellcome Fund and Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, where he helped lead global technology advances, including sales-force automation, interactive training solutions, and remote physician detailing. Over the years, he has also created clinical data-collection tools, including international patient registries and REMS for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. At 3D, he has led strategy development and the team responsible for proprietary file-management resources. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and sales from Ferris State University.

Special Interests

When Jim is not busy serving the community, he enjoys snowboarding, fishing, and zymurgy.

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