Katina Voulopos

“Nothing excites me more then seeing our clients succeed – especially when the stakes are high. It’s so rewarding to become part of the team and help them apply our approach and process to achieve regulatory success."

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As a senior project manager, Katina has extensive experience organizing and managing teams as they prepare for FDA Advisory Committee and EMA meetings. She is recognized for her technical expertise, open communication, and ability to distill complicated science into clear, simple concepts.


Katina knows what it takes to help leaders and their teams prepare for success in high-stakes regulatory engagements. She puts the interests and needs of her clients first, working closely with them to understand, plan, and execute on their business and communications goals. Whether strategy, preparation, or implementation, her approach leverages her strong communication skills, her knowledge of 3D’s tools and technology, and her experience in complex regulatory environments. She understands the importance of clear, credible and compelling messages and creates visuals to reinforce scientific storytelling. Katina’s business acumen, attention to detail, and enthusiasm are a welcomed addition to any team.


Katina began her career as a project manager at 3D Communications. She holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, with a minor in Spanish, from Temple University.

Special Interests

Katina is a committed supporter of the American Cancer Society and has supported this charity by raising funds through the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia. She also supports Penn State’s THON and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her dog, exercise, attend concerts and travel.

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