Patrick Hilton

"Our production is where communication meets technology. Consistent innovation will continue to keep us on the next level."

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Patrick is a seasoned productions specialist with 3D Productions, known for his attention to detail and composure during times of tremendous pressure. He uses technology to help clients through high-stakes, challenging communications and interactions.


Patrick’s approach is based on understanding the fundamentals of 3D’s proprietary technology, in order to better serve his clients. By knowing the underlying workings of this advanced technology, he can explain how clients can best utilize these tools. Additionally, he assisted in the development of media capture, enabling 3D speaker trainers to better analyze and assist client teams for high-stakes engagements.


Patrick began his career in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with the Lancaster Barnstormers as head groundskeeper. Since joining 3D Productions, he has become a dependable and knowledgeable productions specialist, and an asset to the team. He holds a bachelor’s degree in turf grass science from Penn State University.

Special Interests

Patrick is an avid supporter of many charities, including 4ocean and CF Foundation. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his dog, landscape, and travel.

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