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"I am proud to be part of a team that rolls up its sleeves to get the job done for our clients – no matter what it takes. It’s truly a joy to work with colleagues and clients who are laser-focused on achieving a successful outcome at every regulatory meeting."

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Scott is a seasoned professional who uses his 20 years of experience in FDA and EMA regulatory preparation, marketing, and business development to cultivate strategic partnerships for 3D Communications. Scott has been integral to 3D’s successful collaborations with pharmaceutical, biotech, and device firms, as well as numerous regulatory and scientific associations.


As Director of Strategic Partnerships and New Regulatory Business Development, Scott’s experience in the drug development and regulatory approval process gives him a unique ability to form meaningful partnerships. He is energized by meeting new people, listening to what they need, learning what matters to them, and then tailoring programs that meet those needs.


Before coming to 3D Communications, Scott was at a medical communications firm, working in client messaging and branding for product launches. There, he learned the life cycle of drug development, including FDA Advisory Committee preparation. Scott became a founding member of 3D Productions where he worked closely with clients, gaining experience in content creation, advisory committee project management, live meeting execution, and sales and marketing. Scott has designed and created new technologies and processes that have changed the way sponsors prepare for and execute regulatory meetings and communications.

Special Interests

Most of Scott’s spare time is spent with his son and daughter hiking, kayaking, fishing, cooking, and traveling. He has been a longtime supporter of the National Wildlife Federation. Since losing his mother to a stroke in 2007, Scott supports foundations like the American Heart Association and Lisa Foundation for Brain Aneurysms to raise awareness of brain aneurysms and stroke prevention. He also supports the Raleigh chapter of JDRF and 3D’s nonprofit Get Stuff Done 4 Kids. Scott is a graduate of East Carolina University. 

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