Episode 61: Preparing for Virtual High-Stakes Meetings

In this podcast, Jim DiBiasi and Cindy DiBiasi sat down with ElaineQuilici at Pharma Exec to break down what it takes to succeed in high-stakes, virtual meetings in the wake of COVID-19 – from FDA and EMA regulatory meetings to keynote addresses at major global conferences.

“Presenting complicated. . .dense scientific information is always a challenge regardless of the format, especially when the slides are the only image. You really need to make sure that what you say matches exactly what the [audience is] looking at [on the slide]. Your script needs to closely follow your slides. We call it the “see-say” rule; what they see should match what you say and what you say should match what they see.” – Jim DiBiasi

“When it comes to a high-stakes meeting, we make sure that the messages are crystal clear up front. . .and that there’s clear context [on the slide]. On the performance side, whether you’re on camera or not, we tell our clients to stand for energy, to really focus on the vocal variety, and to be very intentional about pausing and emphasizing key words. The whole idea is that your message really has to break through.” – Cindy DiBiasi

This podcast was originally featured on Pharma Exec on June 23, 2020.
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