The Art of Effectively Managing Virtual Presentations and Meetings

In this webinar, Jim DiBiasi discusses how to be effective virtual communicators and gives tips on how to break through the technology to deliver Executive Presence when communicating online.

“Use your body language and your voice tone to drive energy and excitement. You know, if you’re not going to be excited about your presentation — guess what? Nobody else will be…You’re not going to come off as a leader, you’re not going to come off as a dynamic speaker if you’re monotone and boring. It’s that simple.”

“Tell them what you’re gonna tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them…that’s how you should be creating your messages.” 

“Questions are an opportunity to give your data back, to reframe and redeliver messages…the questions don’t do the damage…only your answers do the damage.” 

This webinar was originally presented online for the North Carolina Regulatory Affairs Forum on September 17, 2020.

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