Amanda Prescott

“Most people think that QC is just checking the data. But it’s so much more than that. A good QC review checks everything from spelling to formatting to consistency throughout the document, and that thoroughness should be the standard across the industry.”

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Amanda brings experience in a wide range of document types and therapeutic areas to her work as a Medical Editor and Quality Control (QC) Reviewer. She uses her communications background and keen eye for detail to ensure data are accurate, and concepts are presented coherently and consistently throughout documents.


Amanda combines her interests in communication and science to conduct QC reviews that go beyond the standard data checks for accuracy. In addition to confirming data, she focuses on clarity and consistency of language and formatting to ensure documents are credible for regulatory agencies like the FDA.


Amanda graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied journalism with a focus in editing and graphics. She also pursued a minor in Exercise Sport Science. Amanda began her QC work at a medical writing company while she was still in school. Before joining 3D, Amanda worked with a medical writing company and several small pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Special Interests

Amanda is an avid supporter of several ministries and the animal rescue organization Orphan Kitten Club. She enjoys traveling, reading, learning history, eating at new spots with her husband, and spending time with her large family, including her two rescue cats.

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