All regulatory communications have data.
Successful communications have a story.

Work with 3D to get your story straight from the start.

Beat the odds and win at your FDA Advisory Committee meeting.

Only the toughest projects go before an FDA Advisory Committee.

Not a problem. We have you covered. Our people, process, and technology help you stay focused, work smarter, and succeed with your most demanding and skeptical audience.

“Only use 3D if succeeding at an FDA ADCOM is essential. We’ve worked with them on every one of our advisory committees for the last 12 years. Their expertise, process, and work ethic are unmatched.”

Anne Phillips
Senior Vice President of Clinical, Medical, and Regulatory Affairs, US
Novo Nordisk

Open the door and win at your CHMP meeting.

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Presenting at closed-door CHMP meetings can be a daunting

That is, unless you partner with experts who have been “in the room” at CHMP. We’ll
help you develop and deliver a strong presentation and persuasive answers, so you
leave a positive impression with the committee as they discuss your product and decide its fate.

“3D was key to our success during our CHMP Scientific Advisory Meeting and Oral Explanation. Their awesome team effectively led, partnered, scrutinized our thinking, and improved our outcomes – daily.”

Will Lewis
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Get your regulatory strategy on track from the very beginning.

Regulatory Communications

Waiting for regulatory challenges to happen is a bad strategy.

Let us help you anticipate issues and shape your content, so it stands up to regulatory scrutiny. We work alongside you at every stage of the submission process to prepare and deliver clear and persuasive messages to regulatory authorities.

“3D’s science and regulatory experts partnered with us to synthesize years of complex data – transforming it into a clear and cohesive scientific story for our submissions.”

Michael Rozycki, PhD
Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Pacira Biosciences, Inc.

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