Spot-On Strategy. Meaningful Messages. Skillfully Said.

Work with 3D and master the art—and science—of communications.

Translate complex concepts and data into persuasive communications that inform, influence, and inspire.

Messaging and Content Development

Breaking through the noise of an overwhelmed world to get your audience’s attention is hard – and it’s getting harder.

3D gives you the advantage.
Develop clear, captivating messages, speeches, and slides that resonate with your audience – and motivate them to act.

“3D helped us communicate our mission, vision, and our need in a way that touched the hearts of potential donors and helped us stand out from the pack. With their messaging skills and coaching, we raised millions of dollars more to feed, shelter, protect, and support millions of people around the world.”

Greg Allgood, PhD
Vice President
World Vision

Speak to be heard.

Speaker Training

Let’s face it. Most speakers are making a speech. They’re not making an impact.

3D specializes in the spoken word.
Transform your speaking skills with a proven process and world-class coaches.

"I’ve given hundreds of talks, but 3D helped me reach the next level as a speaker. They coached me to deliver my message to a lifeless camera lens instead of a live audience – and excel in a virtual environment."

Howard “Skip” Burris, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Control your story in the unpredictable world of 24/7 media.

Media Training

Think you can waltz into a media interview? Think again.

3D gives you an insider’s look so you can withstand the pressure.
Anticipate challenging questions, create quotable sound bites, and control the message so you tell your story – instead of having the media tell it for you.

“3D understands media in a way that only former reporters can. They’ve been instrumental in turning our complex messages into soundbites that resonate – so that we get the right message to the right consumer at the right time.”

Scott Melville
President and CEO
Consumer Healthcare Products Association

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Media is in Our DNA.

Work with 3D’s team of award-winning reporters and journalists and learn firsthand how to succeed with today's media.

Transform how you communicate – and lead.

Leadership Communications

There is a right way – and a wrong way – to communicate as a leader. It’s not as easy as you think.

3D helps you discover your authentic voice by getting to your “why.”
Elevate your voice. Connect your personal values to your business goals. Protect your brand and reputation.

“Aligning our science to our business strategy was no small task. 3D helped our leadership team get the right input from the right stakeholders – and position ourselves as a strong company primed for success.”

Jeff Peters
Founder and CEO
evanesce Medical, Inc.

Maintain the confidence of investors and analysts in the face of 24/7 scrutiny.

Investor & Analyst Communications

The Street expects companies to be transparent, communicative, and credible – and they punish those that aren’t.

3D understands how to communicate when the stakes are high.
Differentiate your company with the right story – and tell it in a transparent way.

“3D helps us prepare for important meetings with investors and analysts. They're smart, strategic, and hardworking. I'd recommend them to anyone.”

Ilan Ganot
Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor to the CEO
Solid Biosciences

Keep your launch communications on the right trajectory.

Product Launch Communications

Speaking in “one voice” about your product seems simple. It’s not.

3D helps you get it right from the start.
Align your cross-functional teams, simplify your message, and deliver in a clear, consistent way to a wide range of audiences.

“A massive transformation! That was the impact of 3D’s speaker training program and coaching on our most important brand meeting of the year. Our speakers shone on stage and learned a practical process to elevate their communications moving forward.”

Raj Saujani
Vice President, Strategic Marketing Oncology

Deliver a value story that withstands the scrutiny of your harshest critics.

Value Communications

Communicating the value of your product isn’t just about delivering the data. We get that.


3D helps you understand the increasingly complex stakeholder environment.
Ask the right questions. Create the right messages. Test them to make sure they matter across diverse and important stakeholder groups.

“3D pressure-tested our Value Story, coached us to confidently deliver it, and challenged us to answer the real objections payers were likely to ask. It worked! Their communications skills are unmatched.”

Valentino Confalone
Country President
Novartis Italia

Create a captivating story with your science.

Scientific storytelling is not about spinning data. It’s about being clear and contextual.

3D helps bring your data to life.
Make your science relevant – so your audience understands it, cares about it, and is motivated by it.

“3D immerses themselves in your science and strategy to become part of your team. They think outside the box and always deliver a program that has an immediate impact – and an enduring effect – on your team’s communications skills.”

Petra Őrsy
MD Senior Medical Director, Diabetes
Novo Nordisk, SEEMEA

virtual meetings

Mastering virtual communications requires more than just turning on your webcam and talking. That's where we come in. 

Purpose-Fit Technology. World-Class Coaching.

3D helps you maximize your virtual performance and effectiveness—so you communicate with confidence and connect with your audience across any platform. 

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Regulatory Communications

When your data don't speak for themselves – talk to us.
We prepare you for regulatory success.

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