Christina Diep

“Being involved in the early stages of product development has given me an appreciation of the inspired thinking and painstaking work that our clients put into every project. My passion is helping them turn their innovations into realities that will improve patients’ lives.”

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Christina brings experience in laboratory research, clinical trials, and quality control in clinical chemistry to her work as a 3D project manager. Across her career she has excelled in managing teams from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, resolving complex problems, delivering high levels of customer service, and paying close attention to details that could make or break a project. 


Christina leverages her cross-functional experience in research and development to understand the larger context of a project as well as the different skills and working styles of team members. This enables her to provide support that maximizes each person’s time and efforts.


Before joining 3D, Christina was a Medical Laboratory Scientist for a research university health system, where she performed laboratory testing and worked in quality control. She also supervised client relations within the health system and organized testing with other major health systems to support operations and quality patient care.

Christina graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences and is currently working on earning her Project Management certificate with Google.

Special Interests

Christina is a supporter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In her spare time, she likes to travel, hike, cook, and create content for her Instagram, which features healthy and balanced eating.

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