Grace Porter, JD

“As technology races forward, the law strives to keep up. Harmonizing the two provides limitless possibilities that balance justice and progress.”

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Grace is Interim Data Protection Officer and Associate General Counsel at 3D Communications. She navigates the complex and stringent data privacy laws in the European Union, (EU) crafting updated policies and procedures for 3D as the company expands its reach globally.


Grace leverages her fascination with the laws of different cultures, love of research, and dedication to precision, to master the nuances of data privacy. She decodes the intricacies of EU data privacy laws – from translating elaborate legal texts to dissecting data protection rules – to ensure 3D is in compliance with current EU regulations. 


Grace started her career working in both the House and Senate of the Texas Capitol. She also served as a civil litigator in Austin, Texas where she resolved complex custody agreements, mediated disputes, and litigated cases for her clients.

Grace earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas and a Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Special Interests

Grace is a self-described political junkie; constantly consuming a wide range of information to stay apprised of geopolitical news. When she isn’t reading Twitter or listening to a podcast, Grace enjoys training—and getting thrown off—her horse, Liberty, obsessively doing crossword puzzles snuggling up with her dog, Remy, and spoiling her two nieces.

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