Lauren Simon

"Great communication starts with the ability to work with others. That is how you deliver your best, and how you get their best."

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Lauren is an experienced collegiate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) educator known for her organized approach and ability to simplify complex topics and communicate them clearly. As an operations and project manager for 3D Communications, Lauren develops, maintains, and monitors internal processes, protocols, and tools to help team members work smarter and better to serve their clients. 


Lauren manages operations and projects from an educator’s perspective. She believes that teaching her colleagues to be organized, focused, and detail-oriented helps them be efficient and effective in day-to-day operations. She applies her unique background in forensic science and applied mathematics to deliver a quality product. Her passion for science, combined with her advanced project management skills, drives her ability to complete programs on time and exceed expectations. 


Before joining 3D, Lauren was a Director of Behavioral Resources for a national school staffing agency, where she worked to build and maintain special education departments across the United States. She also served as a teaching assistant for college math courses. She has bachelor’s degrees in forensic science and applied mathematics, with a minor in chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Special interests

Lauren is an avid animal lover. She volunteers and supports her local animal shelter. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys taking her French Bulldog, Ollie, on adventures, baking, and creating sculptures.   

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