Shaunna Leider

"In order to have a successful Advisory Committee or CHMP meeting, teams must practice and rehearse their presentation – but also anticipate questions that are likely to be asked. This is critical to their success and I take pride in making sure clients have the opportunity to prepare."

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Shaunna plays a critical role in planning and preparing for Advisory Committee and CHMP meetings. She is recognized for her organizational skills – as well as her ability to manage multiple projects for clients and maintain relationships with key thought leaders.


Shaunna’s approach to helping clients convene over 60 mock panels each year is simple: remain organized and focused on the details. She works closely with the 3D Communications team to understand each client’s needs and utilizes research to inform her strategic approach to recruiting mock advisory panelists. She methodically approaches recruitment – and is always willing to work with clients to find a solution when faced with a challenge. She is passionate about her work and understands the importance of delivering success for clients.


Shaunna began her career in the hospitality industry. She joined the 3D team as a technology and production specialist, quickly learned the business, and soon transitioned into a project management role and identified a need for improved oversight when recruiting for mock advisory panels. In 2018, she worked to create her new role as a mock panel recruiter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from SUNY Oswego.

Special Interests

Shaunna is an avid supporter of English Springer Rescue America. In her spare time, Shaunna loves to spend time with her family, go camping and boating, travel to new places, attend concerts, and explore the culinary scene.

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