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“It all starts with mastering the soundbite. A memorable, poignant message that lands, connects, and resonates with your audience.”

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Tammy brings two decades of award-winning national investigative broadcast, print, and digital journalism experience to coach executives on how to develop memorable messages, control the narrative, and handle a wide range of confrontational audiences and crisis situations.


Tammy’s natural inquisitiveness, sharp eye, and strategic thinking enables her to quickly identify the right story from a set of facts and information. She uses her refined storytelling skillset as a journalist to help leaders turn messages into clear, relevant, and persuasive narratives that connect with their audiences. Tammy also leverages her investigative reporter experience to coach leaders on effective ways to react, respond, and control their message under pressure, in the most challenging circumstances – and with the most demanding audiences. As a former triathlete who swam from Alcatraz, completed an Ironman, and competed on CBS’ Survivor, Tammy approaches high-stakes communications differently than most.


Tammy has won 12 Emmys and received journalism’s highest honors, including the Edward R. Murrow and the George Foster Peabody awards for her investigative work. Tammy most recently worked as an NBC network correspondent traveling the world covering crises and natural disasters while reporting for NBC Nightly News, the Today show, and MSNBC. She was an investigative reporter in major markets – and worked for newspapers, including The New York Post. She holds a master’s degree in print journalism from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of California Los Angeles.

Special Interests

Tammy supports Ordinary Hero, an organization which helps children in Ethiopia overcome generational poverty, witnessing firsthand their transformative work as a community. Tammy also teaches graduate- level investigative journalism at the University of Southern California. She is the author of an investigative, true-crime memoir that follows a duplicitous serial rapist and the women affected by him.

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