Thea Hognadottir

“I believe the first step on the road to improving the health and well-being of others is solid research. I’m driven to provide clients with accurate, pragmatic information that advances their work.”

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Thea combines a passion for science and problem solving to help 3D clients identify essential information for their most important projects.


Thea’s approach to research is rooted in her skills both as a researcher and educator. She brings a data-driven mindset, a sharp eye for detail, and a collaborative attitude to all her projects.


Prior to joining 3D, Thea worked as a genetics researcher studying neurodegenerative diseases, and as a tutor for high school and college students. She holds a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Western Washington University.

Special Interests

Thea currently resides in Washington where her spare time is spent skiing, traveling, playing tabletop games, and performing at open mic nights.

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